The Art Of Matching Your Ties With Dress Shirts And Your Suits

The Art Of Matching Your Ties With Dress Shirts And Your Suits


Matching shirts, suits and ties has confused even the best fashion enthusiast for decades. While men were growing up watching sports, playing sports and hanging out with buddies, women grew up talking about fashion and guys.

No wonder guys never developed a keen sense of fashion and understanding that a collection of different elements can make clothing ensemble pleasant and complete. And how to match a tie with a dress shirt and suit? Here is how to go about it:

When matching shirts and suits to your ties, color is the first variable to consider. Your color wheel is the great place to begin from. Your color wheel helps to select colors that form harmonious scheme. Just like with anything else, you can achieve harmony with respect to color when a sense of balance and order is available. In regards to color, this is often achieved through selecting a mix of cool and warm colors.


The basic principles of matching

  • Match the tie to your shirt.

Your coat might come off finally, but your shirt dress is in it.

  • The tie combo and fool-proof shirt 

Go for ties that are darker than the shirt if you are looking for safest routes. Most importantly, your tie should match your clothing, not the other way round.

  • Keep it classic

Nothing should look purposely outdated or too overbearing.

  • When in doubt… 

Choose neutral, solid-color dress shirt. There is nothing easier than any tie and suit with white button-button.

  • When pattern-matching, avoid pairing like sizes together 

A checkered gingham tie will never match a small checkered gingham dress shirt. It clashes.

  • Try and keep proportions

Your collar’s width should compliment your tie’s width. The width of your lapel should match your tie’s width.

In regard to color matching, tie pattern that creates most contrast with your dress shirt and suits should be used. As a rule, when starting out, never mix and match 3 different patterns if not done correctly, this may create a jarring effect.

Tonal Considerations

How contrasting your ties and shirts are is a referred to as tonal consideration. A shirt that looks more subtle in appearance is known as a low contrasting shirt. Such shirts are predominantly designed with one minor and one major color, with minor color not being prominent. Hence these shirts often appear like single tone shirts from afar. But upon closer look, the subtle designs embedded within them, like herringbone stripes or faint pinstripes, can be seen much more clearly.

A higher tonal tie paired with lower tonal dress shirt can go a long way in achieving the appealing beauty. Whilst you may go for a higher tonal shirt with a lower tonal tie, the effect will be less pronounced. Likewise, a high tonal shirt with a high tonal tie may seem overbearing, while a low tonal shirt paired with a low tonal tie may appear dull.

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You don’t need a rocket scientist to help you coordinate your dress shirt, tie and your suit. All you need is a basic understanding of color, pattern and proportion which you may use to build your wardrobe. Begin with simple –to- match suits and shirts, then include a range of neckties that are flexible that enhance and accent the outfit you put together. If you do this, you will find yourself wanting to wear neckties more often since they not only add color to your complexion but also makes you look even better overall.